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What is Gift. it?

Gift.it is the first and only mobile app that allows users to remotely settle the dining tab of a friend or a colleague in real-time. The app offers a suite of socially-dynamic features, including one that allows users to cover a portion of a friend’s guest check or pay for a round of cocktails while writing a personal greeting which gets transcribed on the check itself when presented.

Gift.it delivers a convenient way to turn plastic gift cards into digital gift cards on any mobile device. Send one to a friend, reload and redeem mobile gift cards seamlessly from iPhone and Android devices at no cost. Gift.it also allows users to settle their dining checks at any of our participating restaurants through a proprietary POS integration. 

How it Works

Scan it

Earn it

Gift it

Import your gift cards from plastic to mobile

Earn rewards when redeeming your gift card right from your phone

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Send a gift card to friends or buy them a round of drinks from a remote location

Use it For Your Business

Use it for your business

Get To Know Your Customer

Increase gift card sales

Seamless POS Integration

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