With a team of highly skilled developers, Gift.it’s founder, Dean Mavrikis, a seasoned restauranteur with over 20 years experience, set out to design a proprietary application from which merchants can reach thousands of local consumers with incentives proven to trigger significantly higher engagement with their business’ brand. But the real inspiration behind Dean’s idea came at the expense of a losing a customer whose patience ran out while waiting more than 10 minutes for a gift card.

“You see processing a gift card is a multi-step process that should have been streamlined a long time ago” says Dean, “the secondary problem with gift cards is their cost… our business pays upwards of $4.50 per gift card when loaded, which translates to a cost of up to 20% per transaction.”

In 2015 Dean enlisted Tom Wheeler and Adrew Jambor to join his team to build a mobile gift card app whose functionality enables a much faster way to buy, then forward a gift card to friends and family… in less than a minute. Today the Gift It team has deployed several trials at various test sites using their POS-integration technology. Our technology clearly is not an incremental enhancement to a common product. Its app features are differentiated commodities in the hottest new market with a substantial and sustainable business model. Together, these commodities address a real need and translate into tangible value for consumers and businesses, and represent a real opportunity for investors. Time to market is key, and Gift It will be there in the Fall of 2017 as the Company finalizes the development and implementation of its leading products. Our team has a proven track record of successful accomplishments, product conception, market placement and dedication.